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My parents gave me my first camera, a brownie box camera and with that I had a new perspective on the world around me. I took photos of Everything. Life in Montreal was my favourite subject to capture with this little box that you pointed to the ground. When we travelled across Canada I was busy daydreaming, taking photos, sketching, colouring and painting in the back seat while being squished between my older siblings.  We travelled from the eastcoast to the westcoast in a '58 Pontiac with 4 children, a budgie bird, and two tired but adventurous parents.  But we were on an even bigger adventure, aoon we were going to live by the ocean, My eyes widened at the thought of it.  I feel alive when I am near the ocean and mother nature,  many of my paintings express those emotions.


I carried the entrepreneurial mantle that my family passed along to us by going to university then running my own businesses on exercise management,  investor / public relations / fundraising.  New opportunities arose and soon I was the Dir. of Development for two non profits (sequentially) The Vancouver General Hospital then the Canadian Cancer Society.


I studied Journalism, Marketing, then embraced art at the Emily Carr University, and have participated in many workshops and art shows throughout BC.  I have been inspired and gently nudged by many fellow artists as well as such prolific BC artists  as;  Robert Genn, Blu Smith, Eunmi Conacher, Marke Heine, Greta Guzak, Jeanne Krabbendam, Janice Robertson, ...


I remarried at the age of 60 and continue to have many adventures near and far with my husband Dave.     And the beat goes on .......