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I am a Contemporary Canadian artist who enjoys painting, and often tries new approaches to painting and new subjects. As you can see, I love colour!


As a young girl I travelled throughout Canada with my (army) family, always sketching my ever changing surroundings ... Montreal, Kingston,  Ottawa, Vancouver to name a few. Our father travelled the globe returning home with many treasures and wild stories. We were left wide-eyed at his adventures and couldn't wait to gather in the living room to listen to more of his stories and to listen to the stories coming through his shortwave radio. So many accents, so many cultures! Naturally we all became curious about the world and its peoples. On my 7th birthday I received a Brownie box camera which I treasured and used often to capture the world around me.  I used paints and pencils/crayons to create my own imaginary world.  Art / Photography has always been a part of my life.


My busy careers took me into fundraising, the stock market, fitness management, sales & marketing , university, but my love of art never left me.  


I find inspiration everywhere.  With my abstracts, I paint on the canvas exploring ideas, shapes and colours. I enter the painting not knowing exactly where the process will take me, so I jump in and engage in the process. 


If you are interested in purchasing or renting my art, I would love to hear from you   ~   please contact me at